Board/Card Games Afternoon


The Crown in New Park Street

Group Leader: Maddie Lestrange

At 14:00

The Crown in New Park Street are happy to offer their skittle alley FOC as they are keen to be a participatory community pub. (And Sarah, the landlady, loves board games). The room takes up,to 60 people. If we’re very good they might pop the lights and heating on for us!
We will meet weekly on a Wednesday at 2pm starting on Wednesday 17th November 2021.
So have a furtle in your cupboard, attic or spare room, dig out your favourite games and bring them along! We will even give Trivial Pursuits a go but might draw the line at Monopoly due to time constraints!
Card games could be whist, canasta, cribbage, rummy etc

Updated on 24-11-2021