British Museum Talks


25th August 2020 & 7th September 2020

More Treasures of the British Museum
25th August 2020

A talk about seven treasures of the British Museum which we’re doing in support of Prostate Cancer UK. You donate what you wish to attend, and all ticket money goes to the charity. Prostate cancer kills more than 11,000 men every year – that’s nearly one every 45 minutes. All ticket revenue will be used to fund the research that will bring radical advances in diagnosis, prevention and support.
The talk will look at various treasures from Britain: there’s a mysterious Bronze Age cape made of gold, a mummified Iron Age man, the Roman face of Christ and the face of an anglo-Saxon warrior. We’ll also hear all about the Lewis chess pieces, be stunned by the artistry of a medieval guitar, and see a beautiful gold cup owned by four royal houses of Europe. You can register for the talk here.

Saints, murderers, rogues, heroes: the worst & the best of British monarchs
07th September 2020

Absolutely free – it’s on Monday 7 September.  The five of us will be chatting about our favourite and least favourite kings and queens. You can register for that conversation for free here.

Updated on 31-07-2020