Creative Writing 2

4th Thursday

Leader’s House

Leader: Christine Cutting
At 14:00
This is a small group which meets once a month to read and discuss writing which members have produced in advance of the meeting. We try to be supportive of each other, identifying the positive points and attempting to apply them to our own experiences of life. The topics for each session are chosen by a member of the group, with us taking turns to designate the topic. It is normally left to the individual member to choose the format of their writing style.
We are keen to welcome new members to join the group although we are probably not suitable for people who want to analyse the writing in detail. We best suit those who want a new challenge, in a supportive, friendly group. We shall offer you a warm welcome.

Throughout lockdown this group has been suspended.
When we can meet again indoor then this will be used.  Until then, May’s meeting will remain suspended and then in June and July we’ll try to meet in the garden if the weather allows.  Please e-mail before the meeting to ensure that it is on.  We meet on the first Thursday of the month.
The topic for the first session will be:
Count your blessings.

Updated on 05-04-2021