Devizes Rotary Trolley Olympics

Hillworth Park, Devizes

Saturday 4th June 10:30 – 16:00

Details for the Trolley Olympics can be found at and a photo appears below:-

– An inclusive and accessible event for the whole community
– One of the Devizes events to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee
– HWB working in partnership with Devizes Rotary, DTC, Devizes PHAB & Omens ad
Where & when?
– Hillworth Park Devizes, Saturday 4th June 2022
– Track events : Olympic Push, Pull, Dribble, Catch
– Field events : Omnes ad Unum Tug of War heats
– Marathon event : annual PHAB Push & Walk
– 3 or 4 people per track event team
– Track event vehicles can be trolleys, pushchairs, wheelchairs or motorised scooters
– Tin Can Alley, Mat Darts, Pump Gun Action, Coconut Shy, Skittles, Quoits, Golf, Bubble
Blowing and Tombolas.
Manned by Health & Well Being Group, plus the Guides and Scouts.

Trolley Olympics
Trolley Olympics