Food Appreciation

4th Thursday

Leader’s House

Leader: Sue Thompson
At 14:30
We are a friendly group who are not necessarily expert cooks but we do enjoy eating tasty food! We cover many topics, sharing recipes, tastings and tips. Although the time is set for 2:30pm it does change due to the activity.
As the group focuses on tasting each other’s food, it has been difficult to keep the group going.
We have had some zoom meetings and some of the group have shared pictures of their dinners and breakfast. Currently we are sharing retro food, this followed a discussion about school dinners in our school days.
The group are hoping to meet for a picnic lunch in Hillworth Park in August, socially distanced naturally and weather dependent!
The venue for this group is in the leader’s home; therefore it is not possible to meet due to the current restrictions imposed by the government.
The group will continue to have zoom meetings for those who wish to join in. If we have a mild autumn we will attempt another outside meeting. If the government changes the guidelines then I will relook at how we can meet.
If you are interested in finding out more or wish to try a zoom session please ring or e mail me for further information.

Updated on 28-07-2020