Hardy Perennials

Plants For Delivery

At a reasonable price

They are all hardy perennials, mostly in 2 litre pots and we are selling them at £4 each.
There are others, as well as a few shrubs, in 3 litre pots which are more expensive (i.e. Sambuca ‘Black Lace’ at £8).
Send us an email me to rockhound4011 at gmail.com with a subject title of ‘U3A plants’  (to avoid confusion).
We will send you a complete list of what we have, so getting in quickly would ensure you get what you request.    They may well be under the Latin name, but feeding it into Google will tell you exactly what it is, what conditions it likes, when it flowers, how tall/wide it grows and probably if its edible!  We can also give you some tips that we have found from experience or from other plant people’s experience.
We will select, pack and deliver with gloves on and you will be pleased to know we may be masked up when we deliver – so you don’t have to break the social distancing rules!    We are happy to cover deliveries in Devizes, Trowbridge and Melksham and the immediately surrounding villages.
We usually sell these 2l plants at £6.50 and in a garden centre you would certainly pay £7.99 upwards.   A good saving for strong healthy plants.

Updated on 05-06-2020