The English Consul

Noel Woolrych

Wyvern Club 14:00

Tuesday 25th October

Chief of British Intelligence MI9

Noël Carlisle Rees was born in 1902 in Smyrna, Turkey, the son of Thomas Bowen Rees and Zoë Theophanie Werry.  He died in England in 1947.  Noël Rees loved Greece.  He was erroneously described as living the life of “a playboy” swanning around the Aegean in his various yachts until war broke out.  A maverick, who was often seen as a thorn in the side of the “security” services, was responsible for the rescue and repatriation of 15,000 Allied Troops, members of the Greek Royal Family and the Greek government.

Updated on 01-08-2022