U3A in Kennet Event

The Future of the Media

Marlborough College

19th September 2022 9:00 to 16:00

U3A members are invited to a one-day event at Marlborough College

How might the media landscape change over the next 20 years?  What is the future of the press, journalism, broadcasting and social media?  Is truth dead? Are power and opinion king?

U3A members and students will participate in a thought-provoking event, supported by expert speakers and panellists, to consider and learn about questions that could affect us all including:
To what extent might social media platforms support us or manipulate our opinions?  To what extent will media owners or the public exert power?  What sort of roles might journalists have in future?  How will freedom of speech be balanced against harm to others?  To what extent does the internet influence mental health?

£15 (including lunch) or £8 (without lunch)
Book by 10th August to get a £3 discount:
£12 (including lunch) or £5 (without lunch)
Contact for more information and to book tickets

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u3aiK SID 2022 Registration Form for 19 September 2022

Updated on 08-08-2022