Art Appreciation

Advertised Monday

Devizes Corn Exchange – Ceres Hall

Doors Open 10:00 am for 10:30

GROUP LEADER:  Jill & Ken Ross

(Please Note: Temporary venue and reduced attendance to 30 members during pandemic)

I am typing this website entry on 6th January, 2021 and the UK is now in lockdown, therefore our meetings for 25 January, (‘The Varieties of Pre-Raphaelitism’), 2nd February, (‘Hans Holbein, Henry Vlll’s German Painter’) and 22nd March, (‘British Artists of the First World War’) are cancelled.
We appreciate that our members and our speakers are disappointed, but we will monitor and take advantage of any changes that may occur which will allow us to re-open.
Meantime, keep warm, keep safe (and this might prove a little more challenging! – keep smiling!
Jill and Ken ().

Photographs of Lecture during Covid-19 Restrictions taken by Peter Elson on Monday 28th September (Click on photograph to see whole photograph).

These photographs were taken by Peter Elson on 25th November 2019 on the visit to the National Portrait Gallery.


On 9th December 2019 at the December Meeting

Updated on 12-01-2021