Art Appreciation

Advertised Monday

Devizes Town Hall – AssemblyRooms

Doors Open 09:45 am for 10:30

Talks 10:30 to 12:15 – subs £3 payable at the door.

GROUP LEADER:  Jill & Ken Ross

PLEASE NOTE: These dates were provisionally booked in March, when it was anticipated we should be able to return to a full capacity audience (130) in the Assembly Rooms in the Autumn; given the advent of the Indian virus, this cannot now be guaranteed. Members will of course be notified of any changes.
Otherwise, David Evans’ meetings, re-scheduled from earlier this year are:-
Monday, 27th September – ‘The Varieties of Pre-Raphaelitism: the real world or the world of imagination?’ Today, David poses a question for us as he continues with the sequel to last year’s talk when he examined the origins and founding ideas of the Brotherhood. This time he concentrates on their post-1855 work, with paintings by Rossetti, Millais, Burne-Jones together with Brown’s ‘Work’  & ‘Last of England’ and Hunt’s ‘Scapegoat’ & ‘Light of the World’.
Monday, 25th October – ‘Hans Holbein, Henry VIII’s German Painter’
PLEASE NOTE: This meeting has been transferred to the Ceres Hall, Corn Exchange, Devizes.   We  shall be returning to the Assembly Rooms,  Devizes Town Hall, for our November and December meetings as usual.
This morning David talks about Holbein’s work as an artist in Germany (portraits & religious themes), continues with his first visit to England, (1526-28), his relationship with Sir Thomas Moore and as portraitist to the English elite. He then moves on to the impact of the English Reformation, Holbein’s 2nd visit to England, (1532-4), with emphasis on the Whitehall mural, portraits of a potential bride for the King, and finally, graphic works (‘The Ambassadors’) and sundry portraits of German merchants living in London.
ALSO Please put Monday, 6th December in your diaries for our Christmas/ Cheerio Folks Party! Details in the next Newsletter.
NEW LEADERS NEEDED! – We are still without leaders to succeed us when Ken and I retire in December, but are hopeful that someone will yet emerge to enable the group to continue. Art App was one of the founder groups of D & D u3a and still remains a popular option with its members: both celebrate their 25th anniversaries this year.
Ken and I have enjoyed our 13 years as leaders, but now, aged 87 & 82 respectively, we’re well past our sell by date – time to go! So it just remains for us to say a huge and grateful thank-you to all of you for supporting us and to all of you splendidly able members who have offered your time so willingly. Art App simply could not have managed without you. Jill & Ken.
Jill and Ken ().

Photographs of Lecture during Covid-19 Restrictions taken by Peter Elson on Monday 28th September (Click on photograph to see whole photograph).

These photographs were taken by Peter Elson on 25th November 2019 on the visit to the National Portrait Gallery.


On 9th December 2019 at the December Meeting

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