Art Appreciation

Advertised Monday or Tuesday

Devizes Corn Exchange – Ceres Hall

Doors Open 10:00 am for 10:30

GROUP LEADER:  Jill & Ken Ross


Hello again everyone! Just checked that our last meeting was 24th February, and here I am typing up our first Lecture Posting in almost five months, so a welcome start to inserting a little of the old normal into our new normal!
However, we didn’t lose you during lockdown! Some of us have been enjoying a series of twice weekly, 30 minute, online Zoom talks by our London gallery guide Gayna, and, by group-emailing members with a random selection of videos, amusing quotes, anecdotes and light hearted bits and bobs that also managed to raise a smile and give us a lift during lockdown.
The Assembly Rooms are not available for the foreseeable future. Instead we have booked the Ceres Hall in the Corn Exchange, where full safety precautions have been installed, comprising: laminated clear plastic separation shields: track and trace system: one way walking system with 2 metre spacing, and the usual sanitised hygienic washing requirement on entry. The loos will be open! Ken and I will be checking the lay-out of the hall next week.
Otherwise, here’s our programme which we have had to re-arrange to suit our speakers and the Corn Exchange dates.
Monday, 28th September – Peter Dunn – ‘Art & Archaeological Reconstruction, Interpretations & Expression’. Peter is a talented artist who, over time, has developed a keen interest in archaeology. This combination, art & archaeology is new to us. Peter explains: “Reconstruction of archaeological and historical sites have for many years provided an important means of interpreting and visualising information on what are now featureless areas of bare earth & holes in the ground. So where do they sit within Archaeology and are they Art? Reconstruction should always aim to create a sense of time and place to stimulate the viewer to look, question and understand the past. I will show you examples of work and background information on Stonehenge and sites in Jamaica from 4,000BC to the 19th century.” (PD)
British Art 1890 to 1920 is the content shared by the two 50 minute lectures below, given by Sarah Latham-Phillips, and work well as a pair.
Tuesday, 27th October – “The Slade School of Art up to the eve of the First World War”. The new innovative Slade School of Art founded towards the end of the 19th century included artists, Arthur and Gwen John, Percy Wyndham Lewis, Wm. Rothenstein, Wm.Orpen and many of the artists mentioned in next month’s lecture.
Monday, 30th November – “British Art of the First World War”. The Slade School artists on the eve of the First World War include, C R Nevington, Stanley Spencer, Paul Nash, David Bomberg, Dora Carrington and Mark Gertler. They embraced modernity and new ideas from Europe just on the cusp of war. This lecture will place them in their historical and biological context and reflect on their involvement with the art of the First World War and how they made considerable impact on the British Art world of the 20th century.
No refreshments will be available at the meeting, but ‘Upstairs at Jack’s’ & ‘New Society’ just across from the Corn Exchange will be delighted with your custom!

Subs £3 payable at the door.

Please contact Mrs Jill Ross, email , if you would like to join us.

These photographs were taken by Peter Elson on 25th November 2019 on the visit to the National Portrait Gallery.


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