We need You!

We continue to be a very active U3A, with 61 groups, with some topics comprising two or more groups to accommodate the level of interest and accommodation capacity.

Each group has a leader and we currently have 15 members serving on our committee to provide overall management and compliance with Third Age Trust and Charity Commission frameworks.

This means that we currently have around 50 members, allowing for the fact that some committee members also run one or more groups, who have chosen to volunteer to make a contribution to running our U3A, and we thank them for their continued support.

But we all have other calls on our time, and as health and family commitments require our attention, we need to ensure we have adequate cover for these key roles.

As the Third Age Matters magazine reported, “The U3A is not a service charity and all members have responsibilities. Ours is, and must be, a participatory membership”

In support of this, I have prepared an informal workshop to encourage training and general preparation for members to take on some additional tasks essential for the long-term health of our U3A. It will explain the roles we need to fill, and in some cases shadow, together with the guidance and support material available.

The workshop will be held at the Conservative Club on Wednesday 15th January 2020 at 2:00pm and is open to any members who feel able to respond to this initiative. Refreshments will be provided.

To help us gauge numbers, it would be helpful if you could indicate your interest in this, by emailing me at

External Volunteering

Our Devizes and District U3A  regularly receives requests from local charitable organisations seeking assistance in publicising their need for local volunteers.  The Committee has decided to support such requests using this web site and the quarterly Newsletter.

We reserve the right to edit such requests as  necessary.

Contact details displayed will only be provided at the request and with the consent of the individuals concerned.

In accordance with the general policy of the U3A members, who take part in any External Volunteering request, do so as individuals and not as members of the Devizes U3A.