Hand Bells

1st & 3rd Tuesday

Leader’s House in Melksham

Leader: Jean Moss
At 14:00
We have three octaves including sharps and flats and most of our music has been modified by Don, our founder leader who gave us the confidence we needed to perform. We have enjoyed playing for a lot of disabled and appreciative groups around Devizes. But most of all we get a lot from sharing the joy of making music together. If you want to know more ring me, Jean Moss, or any member of our group.

For the time being the meetings of this group are suspended due to the Coronavirus, but further information will be posted here when there is any change.

It would be lovely to meet up again, all of us gathered around the dining table, swopping bells, ringing and chatting but it is not a good idea at the moment.  We would like to have a meeting first to discuss where we want to go from here. This could be just tea and chat or bring a contribution lunch. But not until we can get close enough together for all to join in.

Updated on 27-10-2020