Chicago Bridge

Every Wednesday

Rowde Village Hall

Leader:  Judy Whittle; Peter Dibben
Every Wednesday at 2:00 pm

The bridge group which has been running for several years restarting after lock down. The venue has remained the same Rowde Village Hall.
There is a large car park for over 20 cars. Start time is 2 pm until 4.30 pm every Wednesday with a tea break half way through.
It helps if people arrive a few minutes early for setting up and choosing partners.
Our membership has reached 24 but those present each week varies because of other commitments. Are we looking for new members?  YES If you have played bridge in the past and would like to have another go, what better way than joining a friendly group of mixed ability. The system we play depends on you and your partner. Some members know several systems and will adapt as required.
Essentially this is not competitive but if you are looking for prizes they are awarded at different times for different achievements.
Should you know anyone who is a member, ask them what it is like and they can invite you along for a taster.
We wear name tags to help new members remember names.
Where can you get a game of cards in a friendly atmosphere plus a drink of your choice and a selection of biscuits all for £2.00 for the afternoon.
If you have see our report in the newsletter then use the contact listed or you have just seen the website and you are interested contact the Web Master on  for further details and come along to observe and meet the members.
If you join the group and you are not a member of the U3A you will requested to sign up. Please bring your own mugs but we now have our own mugs in case you forget to bring one.
Sanitisers are provided for individual use whilst chair and tables have been wiped down. The wearing of masks is optional.

An additional note:- There will be a national bridge event for all U3A members who would like to take part. You do NOT need to belong to a bridge club. It is for the 40th Anniversary for the U3A and will be held between September 19th to 23rd . The letter received can be read in this link.

Various views of members playing:

Updated on 18-06-2022