Chicago Bridge

Every Wednesday

Rowde Village Hall

Leader:  Judy Whittle; Peter Dibbon
Every Wednesday at 2:00 pm

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak this Group has been suspended.

At the present time, things are looking rather bleak.
Rowde Village Hall is definitely not re-opening until sometime in the New Year.  Also, the U3A will not currently sanction the re-starting of the Bridge Group.
Until there is a change in the social distancing rules it is hard to see when we will be able to commence playing again.
Let’s hope the New Year brings better news.

When we recommence, the entrance is £2.00 per person for each afternoon which includes refreshments.
There is a large car park for 20 cars.
Is not for those starting on the bridge trail but is suitable for those with an understanding of the game and those requiring a chance to refresh lost skills.
Worried about the bidding system, whilst ACOL is the standard, all systems can be attempted.
Prizes can be won at some meetings.
We look forward to meeting you.

Updated on 20-10-2020