Chicago Bridge

Every Wednesday

Rowde Village Hall

Leader:  Judy Whittle; Peter Dibbon
Every Wednesday at 1:30 pm

Face masks will be worn in accordance with the Government guidelines.

Chicago bridge has been running since Wednesday 4th August with play commencing at 2:00 pm in Rowde Village Hall, and will continue every Wednesday thereafter.  All Wednesdays from 1st December 2021 onwards will commence at 1:30 pm and continue until 4:00 pm. 
The village hall kitchen will not be opening to begin with, but they will provide a kettle and a teapot! So if you can remember to bring your own mug or cup we will continue to have our usual tea and biscuits.
Please wear a mask. We will ensure that the tables and chairs are sanitised and the village hall have assured us that there will be hand gel available as you enter the building and you are free to use your own as often as you wish. We will ensure that the hall is well ventilated, so you may wish to bring a jumper or a jacket if you feel you might be cold.
Looking forward to seeing you all each Wednesday.
The entrance is £2.00 per person for each afternoon which includes refreshments.
There is a large car park for 20 cars.

Worried about the bidding system, whilst ACOL is the standard, all systems can be attempted.
Prizes can be won at some meetings.

Updated on 13-01-2022