Craft & Embroidery

Alternate Thursday

Member’s Home

Leader: Anne Saywell
At 10:00

Now that we are all in Tier 3, it will not be possible for the Craft and Embroidery Group to meet for quite a while.  Not that that will excuse us from continuing with our own ‘masterpieces’ at home!  Once our restrictions are lifted again, I will be in touch with all our members to discuss how we look at the future.   In the meantime, my best wishes for improved situations and happier times in 2021.  If anyone has any questions, please contact Anne Saywell.
First Meeting after Lockdown – Tea and no craft!!  (Photo by Anne Saywell in her graden)

Craft and Embroidery First After Lockdown
Craft and Embroidery First After Lockdown
Updated on 31-12-2020