Cycling – The U3A Roulers

Cycling Group

Leader: John Surowiec

Wednesdays 9:30

U3A Roulers has now been active for a whole year and has already had its first rides in 2024. During that time we have grown in numbers to over 10 and have got to know each other well. We have also found some great places to which to ride. These include Planks at Lydeway, The Three Daggers at Edington, Woodborough Garden Centre, the Rowdey Cow and the Seend cafe.
Our current arrangements are as follows:
We ride every Tuesday starting at 10.00am. We expect to be back by 1.00pm. On some days, normally Fridays and by mutual agreement , we take our bikes by car to another start point, usually the Lowden Garden Centre.
Tuesday rides start in Devizes in the car park outside the Shambles north entrance. If you want to arrive early, there is a cafe there for a quick cuppa before we start.. There will always be a halfway stop for coffee, cake and some good social chat.
Rides are normally no more than 25 miles and on quiet roads with little traffic and no off-road other than for short stretches where this cannot be avoided.
We keep in touch using WhatsApp; this allows us to learn the ride destination and if the weather is such that the leader decides to call off the ride.
So, if you would like to join us, contact John at
Remember that all are welcome, electric bikes, road bikes, hybrid bikes. It’s you, your enjoyment, good health and safety and not the bike or how fast you can ride it that matters.

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Updated on 14-03-2024