Debating Group

First Tuesday of the Month

Lee’s House

Leader: Peter Dibden

14:00 to 16:00

It is early days to assess the success of the group as we have only had two debates. Initially we had a meeting to discuss the format and how topics would be selected. Two members volunteered to take opposing points of view and the subject was selected for the next meeting.
We have over 14 participants who decide if they wish to join in with the selected topic. There has also been interest from people who would like to sit in and listen. The afternoon is both debate and discussion with the first hour being the debate, following tea there is a general discussion regarding any improvements that can be implemented and the topic for the next meeting.
The group is over subscribed but attendance fluctuates so if you are interested in checking it out contact the group leader or the webmaster. Directions for the meeting place will be provided later.

Updated on 09-12-2023