1st Monday

Conservative Club

Leader: Martin Houghton
At 14:00
First Monday from 2-00 to 4-00 pm.
We meet at the Conservative Club, 30 Long Street, Devizes SN10 1NW.
The Group continues with presentations from members, very much supporting the spirit of U3A sharing of information and experience and covering a wide variety of Natural and Man-Made disasters.
To date we have covered many disasters from the Hindenburg fire, through to the Lynmouth Flood disaster, London’s Big Stink, the Irish potato famine and the most disastrous Inventor ever (hint – he introduced compounds of lead to the refining of petrol). The events reviewed and analysed cover many sectors, including aviation, maritime, petrochemical, rail, medical, mining and environmental.
These presentations stimulate lively discussion on the causes and lessons learned from the events.

The group will reopen, subject to changes to the law as it is at present, following the lock down, we hope on Monday 3rd August 2020.  Further details will be given as soon as they are known.

Further topics from members are always under review for future meetings, and any new suggestions are always welcome. The group can only function as long as members can research and deliver interesting topics. There is plenty of help available to put presentations together.
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Updated on 07-07-2020