Discussion 1

Every Tuesday

Leader’s House

Leader: Nina Woolrych
At 10:00
We choose topical subjects for discussion and ask for different volunteers to lead each month. The atmosphere is informal and friendly. The group decides which topics we want to discuss, occasionally we have ‘surprise topics’ when only the leader knows what will be the topic.
Due to the coronavirus epidemic there will be no face to face meetings, but the Leader has set up Zoom video conferencing every Tuesday at 10:00 am.  Numbers are limited to 6 since otherwise the discussion gets out of hand!  If anyone drops out the Leader would take on someone new but he/she would need a computer with a webcam and would have to be familiar with how Zoom works. If anyone is very keen to join he/she is welcome to contact the Leader

Please contact the group leader if you are interested at .

Updated on 11-05-2020