Discussion 1

Every Third Tuesday

Leader’s House

Leader: Nina Woolrych
At 10:00
We choose topical subjects for discussion and ask for different volunteers to lead each month. The atmosphere is informal and friendly. The group decides which topics we want to discuss, occasionally we have ‘surprise topics’ when only the leader knows what will be the topic.
At the moment those members who are able to do so are meeting on Zoom on a monthly basis. We are sticking to the third Tuesday in the month at 10.00.
If and when the weather improves (and when we are allowed) we will return to garden meetings. This means I have to divide the group in half to conform to the rule of 6. I will email everyone when the time comes, so that you know which group you are in. Hopefully, we will be able to meet as a full group in the Summer – either at the safe venue we used before, or at my house.
It is not possible to welcome new members at the moment

Please contact the group leader for further information at  .

Updated on 03-03-2021