Discussion 1

Every Tuesday

Leader’s House

Leader: Nina Woolrych
At 10:00
We choose topical subjects for discussion and ask for different volunteers to lead each month. The atmosphere is informal and friendly. The group decides which topics we want to discuss, occasionally we have ‘surprise topics’ when only the leader knows what will be the topic.
We have continued to meet as two separate groups throughout the summer in the leader’s garden. When the rule of 6 came in we had to devise a way of keeping the groups to the statutory size. So each month one person is asked to drop out on rotation. Now that the weather is colder, we have found an indoor venue where we can safely self-isolate. It is not possible to publish discussion titles ahead of time at the moment. Obviously, we cannot accept any new members in this present situation.

Please contact the group leader for further information at  .

Updated on 16-10-2020