Discussion 2

3rd Thursday of the month

Leader’s House

Leader: Jo Wright
At 14:00

We had our first meeting back in the leader’s home in September. I have enquired about meetings elsewhere but the overall wish was to continue meeting at home. October’s meeting will therefore be at home but as we expect more members at that meeting, we will see how it pans out. If necessary we will book somewhere larger for a few months
21st October – Have we become a throwaway society and accepting of the litter associated with it, or are we changing our attitudes and trying to live a more sustainable way?
18th November – What types of jobs should be done by volunteers? Is volunteering always a good thing? How does it effect the unemployed?
16th December – Newspaper Clippings – bring along something interesting from a publication, which we can discuss briefly. Topical or amusing, your choice. Always popular
21st January 2022“Statues”- What should we do with our troublesome monuments? Should we apologise for the actions that our country did in the last centuries?
17th February – How much does childhood experiences shape the adult? What constitutes a good childhood? Or do you think the experiences in later life play as big or a bigger part to shape a person as an adult?
Updated on 23-09-2021