Discussion 2

3rd Thursday of the month

Leader’s House

Leader: Jo Wright
At 14:00
The Discussion Group meets in a first floor sitting room, on the third Thursday of each month and the meetings are held from 2p.m. to 4p.m. with a break for tea. We usually number about 12 people at each meeting.
We all suggest topics and choose the favourites to discuss. The subjects are very varied and in the next six months we are discussing town centres, gambling addiction, and ’screens versus paper’ among others.
Members volunteer to lead each discussion and the details of our meetings are in Devizes U3A Newsletter and below.

16th April ‘How far is social media responsible for the polarisation public discourse?’ Is this polarisation to be welcomed or mitigated? If the latter, how?
21st May ‘Should governments have penalties for those who live unhealthy lives?
18th June ‘Is the breakdown of the family the principal cause of the ills of society? ‘ What can we do about it?
16th July ‘What is the value of religion in modern society?’

Updated on 20-03-2020