French Conversation 1

2nd Friday

Leader’s House

Leader: Diane Coleman
At 10:00
We are a small group, 8 people max, who meet once a month for two hours.   We try to keep all of our conversation in French, exchanging news, reading and translating a book and discussion of a topic advised in advance.  We are not beginners but have been studying together for a few years, and we normally undertake some reading or preparation between meetings.   This is an ideal group for anyone who frequently visits France and wants to improve their conversation, or who has more than a basic knowledge of French and wants to build on it.
Instead of  our normal monthly meetings we have been meeting on zoom.   We have started to read a new book, which we discuss and translate and we are also able to exchange news – in these peculiar times we sometimes struggle to find something new to discuss, but we have enjoyed staying in contact and the challenge of a new book.    The highlight of the summer was the one time we were able to meet in a garden, social distancing of course, on a lovely summer afternoon.
Unfortunately it does not seem likely that we will be able to resume our normal meetings in the next few months, therefore we will continue with the zoom meetings for the time being.
The picture above is the first Alfresco Meeting after lockdown

Updated on 16-10-2020