1st Tuesday

Family Room, Conservative Club

Leader: Joyce McMurray
At 10:00
Before counting the stars have a look underfoot.
Daily it is forced home on the mind of the geologist that nothing, not even the wind that blows, is so unstable as the level of the crust of this Earth. — Charles Darwin

We meet on the first Tuesday of the month from 10-12am in the Family Room of the Conservative Club, Long Street. The room fee is £1.00 which includes Tea or Coffee and a biscuit.  Due to the Corona Virus we have had to suspend all of our meetings for the present.  The newsletter is still being sent out to keep our members informed of Geological events around the world.
We are of mixed geology knowledge and are all still learning so don’t think you need to know anything about Geology to come along, just curiosity will do.
Our meetings usually consist of a presentation, a Tea break, and then a general discussion, short talk, possibly internet clips and/or show and tell.
We also try to produce a weekly e-newsletter keeping the group up with anything of interest in the Geological world.
During the next few months we will be looking at Hydrothermal Vents, and Mercia Mudstones of the Severn Estuary.  We will also begin to look at the Geology around Newquay in preparation for our Field trip in September.  The visit to Newquay is from 28th September to 3rd October.  This trip is now full.
You are welcome to join any of our sessions/trips, or come on a regular basis. Our programme is available in the newsletter.
Our programme may sometimes change if there is a serious geological event in the world, when we will look at the rocks and forces in the affected region.  In January we looked at white Island, New Zealand and postponed Hydrothermal Vents.

Updated on 14-06-2020