German Conversation

2nd or other Monday

A Member’s Home

Leader: Jenny Lund
At 14:00
We meet from 2-4pm in members houses, on a Monday determined at the previous group meeting. New members are always welcome, so please contact the leaders for more information.
Our Group meets once a month to talk about anything that has happened or interests us. Holidays are a very good and interesting subject.
Our group tries to speak in German for the time we are together on any subject that arises, but often about what we have done since we last met.

Our German group has gone from strength to strength with several members having practical use of the language in Germany.

After a few weeks of doing nothing,  a few of the group have taken to skyping on a semi predictable basis.  This is obviously not ideal but at least we are making an effort to keep in touch and not let our brains rust up completely.  As with everything else, the future is unpredictable but hopefully one day we can all get back together and meet in homes as before.

Updated on 27-07-2020