Group Leader Coordinator

Devizes U3A – Group Leader Co-ordinator

Since helping out as Group Leader Coordinator, I’ve seen a few new groups in our U3A programme but there is room for more. We are growing steadily in numbers and with many of our established groups full, there are limited opportunities for our newer members.
Please do get in touch if you have an idea for a new group. You will be helped along the way and won’t be left to manage alone. Many of our groups do ‘run themselves’ once they are up and running.
Only this week (December week 1) we launched the new Colour, Draw and Natter group and within a couple of days we had more than 20 members interested in joining so there is clearly a need for further and similar groups.
Please do make contact if you can help with a new group.
My email is .
Thank you
Carol Sainsbury

Updated on 09-12-2023