1st & 3rd Thursday

Leader: David Billett
At 14:30
We have an enrolled group of mixed gender, all silver surfers, 11 in total, average attendance, 8 guys and gals combined. Our programme is driven by our leader’s sizeable jazz record collection mainly vinyl and members material, usually CDS.
The world-wide jazz music is infinite. Wherever one starts it will open up a Pandora’s box of choice. We are hoping that during the next 12 month period we will visit jazz musicians playing at local venues within the community. Also we hope to visit venues further away, as well as festivals and suchlike.
We Jazzers are an enthusiastic bunch. We are trying to encourage a broad individual consideration of jazz appreciation, good and well played jazz from its origins in New Orleans, across the decades. Everyone can then see where their particular favourites fit in. The U3A is an international organization, made up of groups who have leaders who are prepared to share their knowledge and skills with those who want to learn about about a chosen subject or skill, and in our case its called, Jazz for Jazzers and non Jazzers, and its open to all. We would suggest it also has a social purpose for those who might be looking for friendship and mutual company, within the context of collective learning.
It is possible that we may continue our tradition of celebrating Mardi Gras with a mask making competition and traditional Mardi Gras food, King Cake and music of course!
We start at 2:30 pm and finish at 4:30 pm

Updated on 06-02-2020