Long Distance Trail

2nd Tuesday


Leader: Morgan Andrews

Once again the finale of the Wysis Way eludes us due to inclement weather conditions. As a result and with our resolve strengthened, a reserve default date to the third Tuesday of the month is now in place, (no obligation) to mitigate further rescheduling.
Any further progress of the Ridgeway route is cancelled.
The hotel reservations that would have facilitated the furthest stages of the trail are also cancelled.
The policy going forward (in recovery from isolation) will for this year, focus on established trails with minimal car sharing and preferably be in the surrounding areas.
Anyone may volunteer to lead a trail walk and reserve dates on first-come first served basis.
A new programme will be issued soon after the current restrictions are lifted.

Anyone wanting to hike 8 to 12 miles once a month in good company is very welcome.
Please note:
The terrain and weather conditions may prove difficult for beginners.
Trail walks are usually linear and the distances to / from the start and end stages will vary.
Group transport is shared between the members.


Updated on 24-07-2020