Long Distance Trail

2nd Tuesday


Leader: Morgan Andrews

Circular trails are out and linear Trails are back!
This means car sharing between start and end points.
Current safety precautions are recommended and remain at the driver’s discretion.

September’s meeting was postponed due to inclement weather so The Great Stones Way starts in October.

The Great Stone Way, a long-distance route, was opened in 2014. The route passes over comparatively gentle terrain, each stage having less than 250m of ascent and follows existing rights of way. For further information visit http://www.greatstonesway.org.uk 

Five stages are planned for this  project, approximately 10 – 12 miles each. If you’re up for it, then make a note in your diary for the second Tuesday of the month henceforth.

Membership is limited and currently there are two places available.


Updated on 28-09-2021