Mah Jong

Alternate Tuesday

Near Brewery or Potterne

Leader: Diana Slater
At 10:00
The group meets from 10:00 to 12:00 noon.
This is a game similar to rummy but played with tiles decorated with Chinese symbols but fortunately English numbers. Initially the game appears complicated but by learning a few basic hands it is soon possible to participate in a game and win. Although there are 81 scoring hands, these do not need to be learnt in one go. What usually happens is that a new player learns a few hands and then as they see other hands being played they investigate further to extend their own repertoire of methods. You can build up at your own speed whilst still enjoying the game. We play at tables of two, three or four players and play is individual. We do not play with a partner as one would in whist or bridge.
For those who have played before we follow the rules established in 1998 to reconcile the many different versions of Mah Jong and a book explaining it all can be purchased from the group leader. For those who have never played before tuition is given during your first couple of sessions and then you will be raring to go.
Our group is a friendly group enjoying interesting chats on most topics whilst also exercising our brains. From the latest research these are some of the requirements to ward off loneliness and dementia as we age.
We have been playing Mah Jong each Tuesday morning in our courtyard under a fabric gazebo since 7th July. We abide by the distancing rules and can only seat 4 people for that reason. We have a system whereby those who wish to play must book which is why it is weekly so everyone gets a chance. Sadly many people in our group cannot come as they are still in lockdown or living with a vulnerable person.
We are enjoying playing in the fresh air, and if it rains, we are sheltered. Once the rules allow many households to come together indoors then we shall revert to alternate Tuesdays.
With the summer season slipping away we hope that thoughts will turn to cosy indoor games and that waverers will give our game a go or at least come to watch and have some of Charles’ excellent coffee.
Do ring Diana Slater (details in the newsletter) about any of these arrangements. She has an answerphone and will return your call. For more information please contact the group leader, Diana Slater.

Some (truncated) lockdown photos taken by Charles Slater (Click on photo to view whole photograph)

Updated on 27-07-2020