Potterne Art Group

1st & 3rd Tuesday

Potterne Village Hall

Leader: Wendy Johnson
We meet on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of the month at Potterne Village Hall 14.00 to 16.00 hrs. (free parking).

Potterne Art Group last met up in Potterne on 17 th March 2020 and our six week lock-down has nowreached its first birthday. We had a false start in the autumn but have continued to produce art throughout the year as Potterne Virtual Art Group (PVA). Each month members send in their pictures and they are circulated to the rest of the group. When weather has allowed, we’ve met up outside at local venues and, when permitted, in one another’s homes. Things are now looking up, and with warmer weather on the horizon and the majority of us having been vaccinated, we’re going to resume “al fresco” get-togethers. When government guidelines permit, we hope to resume meetings in Potterne Village Hall. In the meantime members will be updated by email of “al fresco” sessions, and any other meetings we can organise.
Hopefully things will soon improve.  Information on resumption of normal group meetings will appear on the U3A website and members will be informed by email.

Wendy J.

Caen Steps


Thank you to our NHS staff and all the other essential workers who are supporting us at this difficult time.

Updated on 30-03-2021