Smart Phone & Tablet Users

3rd Tuesday

Leader’s home

Leader: Terence Tovey
At 10:00 on Zoom

We continue to have Zoom meetings for 40 minutes every 3rd Tuesday of the month from the leader’s home starting at 10am and running to 10:40. We are keeping an eye on the situation but we are still happy to stay as a virtual meeting at the moment as those who attend prefer it.
If there are any members who would like to attend but are put off by Zoom, please let me know and if there are sufficient, I will try to restart actual meetings. Unfortunately, as I have now downsized it would be difficult to host more than 9 at my house so it might mean hiring a venue which would increase the cost of meetings.
The Zoom meetings tend to be a coffee get together rather than a full-blown smart phone session. There has been general agreement with those who do attend that it was a good social occasion and if one has a problem, it could be aired and normally solved and we can also put the world to rights but you do have to supply your own coffee and biscuits.
So, for those who haven’t tried it, can I persuade you to try, in some cases we have talked people though the join process on the land line when it hasn’t worked first time and they are having difficulties. For the great majority it is one click or touch and you are on, whether it is a phone, tablet or computer.
I look forward to seeing and hearing from you on Zoom.
April 19th
May 17th
June 21st
July 19th

Updated on 21-03-2022