Smart Phone & Tablet Users

3rd Tuesday

Leader’s home

Leader: Terence Tovey
At 09:45

3rd Tuesday of the month in the leader’s home starting at 9:45 am and running to 11:45.
We had meetings in January and February with no break at Christmas this year. At the February meeting we started with a demonstration from a member showing how to use dictation on your phone to send texts, emails and WhatsApp messages. We were all impressed with the quality of the speech capture. This followed a successful demonstration at the windows computer group of the same thing.

We then went on to controlling a camera using one’s phone, the phone has to be WiFi enabled but the demonstration was effective. It was then taken a step further by one member who showed how one could use an old phone without a sim as a remote camera and who doesn’t have an old phone gathering dust in a drawer!
We will continue to meet at the leader’s home and new members are always welcome, especially beginners so don’t be reticent.
The next meetings are: 21st April and 19th May

Updated on 17-03-2020