Social Strollers

Alternate Wednesdays


Leader: John Weller

This is a new group aimed at those of us who can no longer comfortably manage the longer walks but still want some exercise in the open air in a friendly group.  The walks will be between 1.5 and 2.5 miles on flattish smooth terrain – the Stroll.  The walk will end at a pub or café for lunch or just a drink – the Social bit.  The walks will be every other Wednesday morning, the start time will depend on the walk.  If there are any hills details will be given beforehand.  Buses and cars will be used.  Members will be sent a programme by email every two months.  Non-walkers will be welcome to join us for the Social bit.  If you are interested please email the leader at the above address.  The first walk will be on 31st August.

Updated on 01-08-2022