Thursday Walkers

Every Thursday


Leader: Morgan Andrews

The Thursday walking group is a friendly sociable group, we walk around 5 to 8 miles every Thursday and new members are always welcome.
Group meetings can start in accordance with the current guideline for organised outdoor sports and are due to commence on April 8th 2021.
Weekly virtual meetings on Friday afternoons (16.00hrs) will continue for the time being at the behest of the group.
Newcomers wishing to join the group are most welcome and will be added to the invitation list upon application.

Looking ahead;
The suspended programme is republished in the same sequence with new revised dates.
Members leading walks are requested to reconfirm their allocated dates.
Covid restriction remain in force;
i.e. Participation for all walk meetings are limited to a  maximum of 15 and members are requested to make reservations in advance.
Participants will no longer congregate at the Devizes Sports Club as car sharing is restricted.
By default all walks will commence at the specified starting (parking) place and participants are requested to be ready for 10.00 a.m. start. Any other variations will be notified on the programme or by the walk leader.

Updated on 01-04-2021